5 apps that help Xero help your business

Running a small business is hard enough without fretting about trying to find time for manual data entry or keeping track of your business’ finances. Monitoring cash movements, managing debtors and trying to get paid quickly without any dramas are all things that can cause headaches and overwhelm small business owners. And how many sleepless nights have you spent agonising over how your business is performing?

Using the Xero accounting program is a great way to help manage your business’ accounting needs and can take away a bit of the angst, but the program still requires time and effort. Fortunately, there are lots of bookkeeping apps out there that can help! You can power up your business with apps that connect to Xero allowing you to save time and money, and giving you peace of mind by increasing visibility into your business.

Of the many apps available for Xero, here are five you can use to help improve your business and relieve some of your stress.

1. Receipt Bank

This app converts your receipts and invoices easily into Xero data, allowing you to manage and safely store all of your business receipts. Simple to use, you just need to take photos of your receipts and Receipt Bank will do the rest. The app deciphers the photo of your receipt and stores the data on it into the correct fields within Xero, providing you with an online paper trail of business expenses.

2. Float

We all know cash is king and with this app you can monitor cash movements in real time. Float can assist you with your cash flow forecast helping you make informed decisions when planning for the future.

3. Stripe

This app processes the payments by your clients on the spot, meaning you can get paid instantly. This is good for cash flow and can save time and money in administration costs as there is no need to chase unpaid invoices.

4. Debtor Daddy

The Debtor Daddy app helps you to stay on top of your debtors and get paid on time. Debtor Daddy works in the background and manages your invoices by sending reminders to your debtors, prompting payments or contact. With this app, you can have peace of mind that your payment collection process is being handled, allowing you to spend less time stressing and checking credit histories to find out if clients have paid.

5. Spotlight Reporting

This app converts your Xero data into meaningful information, giving you visibility into your business. With the Spotlight Reporting app, you can run reports that will provide you with valuable insights you can use to help improve and better plan for your business.   

These are just a few of the bookkeeping apps that can help you make the most of Xero. If you manage your own accounting online, we recommend you check them out. For more information about what is available and what would best suit your business, get in touch with your Figure 8 Accounts bookkeeper today.

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